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Teraco Tech Day with Patrick Christian, TeleGeography

African Network Geography Update with Telegeography

In this session Patrick Christian, Senior Research Manager with TeleGeography discusses the latest developments in international bandwidth demand, inter-regional and intra-African route growth, new cables, price erosion and end-user demand growth. Patrick showcases fresh TeleGeography data focusing on global bandwidth trends, followed by a deep dive into African network trends.

Session Recording

In this session, we will be covering:

Global Bandwidth trends

  • How is int’l bandwidth growing? What is driving demand?
  • Where are sub cables landing?
  • How fast are global prices falling

African Bandwidth trends

  • Planned submarine systems
  • Capacity and pricing changes

Localized Content Growth

  • Infrastructure growth – IXs, CDNs/PoPs then DC builds
  • Content provider ecosystems


Session Presentation

African Network Geography Update

by Patrick Christian

Session Presentation