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Teraco Tech Day with Max Wilhelm

BGP best practices for Day 1 & 2 Operations

In this session with Max Wilhelm we explored the requirements for connecting your ASN to the Internet, BGP 101 and best practices, troubleshooting fundamentals, and show case how to connect your network to an IXP or transit provider.

Session Recording

In this session, we will be covering:

Brief Recap:
– What’s an AS(N)?
– Get an ASN + prefixes from a RIR

Topics to Discuss:
– AdjRIBIn / -Out / LocRIB / FIB + different routing table architectures
– “if it’s not ESTABLISHED it’s broken”
– Best Current Operational Practices (BCOPs)
– Spotlight: BGP roles (RFC9234)

Showcase IXP and Transit Setup

BGP best practices for Day 1 & 2 Operations

Maximilian Wilhelm

Session Presentation