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Teraco Tech Day with Euro-IX and Peering Toolbox

Unboxing The Peering Toolbox with Euro-IX

In this session we Unbox the Peering Toolbox in a panel discussion with Euro-IX and members of the Peering Toolbox team.

The Peering Toolbox is a community led project initiated to provide support and best practice information for new entrants into the interconnection community. The organisations involved include LINX, NAPAfrica, HEAnet, Kentik and DE-CIX with previous contribtutions from INEX, Cloudflare, Amazon and Microsoft.

Peering Toolbox Session Recording

In this session, we will be covering:

  • Welcome / Introduction to Peering Toolbox
  • Panel Discussion
  • Short Presentations (PeeringDB, IXPDB)
  • Q & A