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The World Connects Here.

In a world where the ease of interconnection, seamless peering arrangements and platform reliability are essential, the NAPAfrica Internet eXchange delivers. NAPAfrica operates Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa.



Africa’s Most Active Peering Community.

With more than 380 member ASNs, from over 50 countries around the globe – NAPAfrica is the largest Internet eXchange on the African continent. Members are encouraged to actively participate in online discussion and meet throughout the year at Technical Roundtable and Beers for Peers events.



The Content Hub of Africa.

Home to global content: from carriers, cloud, content delivery networks (CDNs), gaming platforms, ISPs and internet security specialists – NAPAfrica has become a local aggregation point where content meets consumer.



NAPAfrica is a not-for-profit neutral Internet eXchange (IXP)

Located within Teraco data centre facilities in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, NAPAfrica IXP’s founding goal is to help make Internet access more accessible for Africa.
NAPAfrica charges its members no membership fees, no port fees, and no cross-connect fees to access the infrastructure. NAPAfrica also does not compete with its member community. Using NAPAfrica allows a reliable exchange of traffic with increased routing control and improved performance. The NAPAfrica peering point allows multiple enterprises, network operators, CDN’s and cloud services providers to peer locally, keeping African traffic within Africa.

Features of NAPAfrica
Number of ASNs


In today’s broadband market of exploding traffic volumes, enterprises, network operators, CDN’s and cloud services providers peer to exchange their Internet traffic. The advantages of Internet exchange points include:
Allowing high speed data transfer;
Reducing latency;
Providing fault tolerance;
Reliable exchange of traffic;
Increased routing control;
Improved performance
Peer at Africa’s largest Internet exchange from Teraco’s data centre facilities. NAPAfrica IXP offers direct access to over 300 unique networks (ASNs) servicing over 20 countries in the southern African region. Peering at NAPAfrica is 100% free – no cross connect, membership, or port fees.

Teraco is Africa's Data Centre

Connect to Africa’s Largest Peering Community


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