What is NAPAfrica?

NAPAfrica is a neutral, layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) point, located within each Teraco data centre facility in South Africa. Instead of costly multiple direct links, a single peering point allows multiple networks to interconnect using an exchange environment.

In today's broadband market of exploding traffic volumes, network and content providers peer to exchange their traffic in order to achieve:

  • reduced costs in local bandwidth;
  • reduced latency with simplified routing and direct interconnects;
  • improved performance by bypassing potential traffic bottlenecks;
  • increased resilience by offering convenient multiple network
  • connection options;

Connectivity and content requirement options within Africa and between Africa and the rest of the world are growing. Network and Content Providers are reaping the benefits of colocating within neutral data centres which offer access to exchanges where traffic can be exchanged easily and for free.

Vendor neutral locations throughout the world have become popular interconnected locations for exchange points such as AMS-IX, LINX and JPNAP for this precise reason.

What is Peering?

Peering is a process by which two Internet networks agree to connect and exchange traffic. It allows them to directly hand off traffic between each other’s clients, without having to pay a third party to carry that traffic across the Internet for them.

Peering is distinct from transit, the more usual way of connecting to the Internet, in which an end user or network operator pays another, usually larger, network operator to carry all their traffic for them.

What is an Internet Exchange Point or IXP?

The Internet is a global system of interconnected networks—essentially a network made up of many other networks. An Internet Exchange point or IXP is a set of physical infrastructure (routing equipment, etc.) where Internet Service Providers and Content Providers interconnect in order for Internet traffic to be exchanged between themselves and others who are connected to the exchange. The primary role is to keep local Internet traffic within local infrastructure.

The main benefits include low cost, reduced latency and good bandwidth due to avoiding the data routing through upstream Internet Providers.

Who is peering at NAPAfrica?

These clients are peering at NAPAfrica. Below is a detailed list (including AS Numbers)
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DC Peer ASN Website IPv4 IPv6
Peering at NAPAfrica in Johannesburg
JB1 Abaricom AS37395 www.abaricom.com Y -
JB1 Africa.INX AS37179 www.africainx.co.za Y Y
JB1 Akamai AS20940 www.akamai.com Y Y
JB1 Altonet AS26106 www.altonet.net Y -
JB1 Ambronex AS37202 www.ambronex.co.za Y -
JB1 Amobia AS37266 www.amobia.com Y -
JB1 ARCTelecoms AS37334 www.jasco.co.za Y -
JB1 Avoxi AS37525 www.avoxi.com Y -
JB1 BCSNet AS22750 www.bcsgroup.co.za Y Y
JB1 BCX-CDS AS7020 www.bcxcds.com Y Y
JB1 Bitco AS37358 www.bitco.co.za Y -
JB1 Bluedust Wireless AS37368 www.bluedust.co.za Y -
JB1 CellC AS37168 www.cellc.co.za Y -
JB1 Cipherwave AS37315 www.cipherwave.co.za Y -
JB1 Clickatell AS37312 www.clickatell.com Y Y
JB1 Cloudseed AS37079 www.cloudseed.co.za Y -
JB1 CMC Networks AS25818 www.cmcnetworks.net Y Y
JB1 CMVAS AS37650 www.cmtec.co.za Y -
JB1 Connection Telecom AS37479 www.connection-telecom.com Y -
JB1 DNServices AS6968 www.dnservices.co.za Y Y
JB1 DiViNetworks AS57731 www.divinetworks.com Y -
JB1 Easyweb AS37150 www.easyweb.co.za Y -
JB1 Echotel AS327693 www.echosp.co.za Y -
JB1 Ekurhuleni Municipality 0 www.ekurhuleni.gov.za Y -
JB1 Epico Networks AS26422 www.epiconet.com Y -
JB1 FNBConnect AS37028 www.fnb.co.za Y -
JB1 Frogfoot AS22355 www.frogfoot.com Y -
JB1 Gateway/PCCW AS3491 www.pccwglobal.com Y Y
JB1 Google AS15169 www.google.com Y Y
JB1 Hymax VoIP www.4dt.co.za Y -
JB1 iBurst/WBS AS33762 www.iburstgroup.co.za Y Y
JB1 ICTGlobe AS37239 www.ambronex.co.za Y -
JB1 InfoGro AS37403 www.infogro.co.za Y -
JB1 Internet Technologies Namibia AS33763 www.internet.na Y -
JB1 IzwiBridge 0 www.izwibridge.co.za Y -
JB1 Kawuleza AS37259 www.kawuleza.com Y -
JB1 Lasernet AS37484 www.lasernet.co.za Y -
JB1 Level 3 AS3356 www.Level3.com Y Y
JB1 Liquid Telecom AS30844 www.liquidtelecom.com Y Y
JB1 Macrolan AS37353 www.macrolan.com Y -
JB1 MEGS AS37254 www.megs.co.za Y -
JB1 MyTelnet AS37482 www.mytelnet.co.za Y -
JB1 Nashua Communications AS36968 www.ecntelecoms.com Y -
JB1 Nashua Mobile AS36910 www.nashuamobile.com Y Y
JB1 Neology AS37105 www.neology.co.za Y Y
JB1 Neotel AS36937 www.neotel.co.za -
JB1 Network Platforms AS37497 www.networkplatforms.co.za Y -
JB1 MWEB AS10474 www.mweb.com Y Y
JB1 OTel AS37356 www.otelafrica.com Y -
JB1 PCH AS3856 & AS42 www.pch.net Y Y
JB1 SA Digital Villages AS37049 www.sadigitalvillages.co.za Y -
JB1 SAINet AS37357 www.sainet.biz Y -
JB1 Seacom AS37100 www.seacom.mu Y Y
JB1 Sentech AS22572 www.sentech.co.za Y -
JB1 Skyband AS37187 www.skyband.mw Y Y
JB1 SkyWire 0 www.skywire.co.za Y -
JB1 Telemasters AS37673 www.perfectworx.com Y -
JB1 Telemedia AS37618 www.telemedia.co.za Y -
JB1 Tenet AS2018 www.tenet.ac.za Y Y
JB1 Teraco Data Environments AS37599 www.teraco.co.za Y -
JB1 Triponza AS37549 www.bsit.co.za Y -
JB1 Umzinyathi AS21739 www.itservices.co.za Y -
JB1 Vodacom AS36994 www.vodacom.co.za Y -
JB1 VOXTelecom AS11845 www.voxtelecom.co.za Y Y
JB1 WebSense AS44444 www.websense.com Y -
JB1 Wipronet AS37596 www.wipronet.co.za Y -
JB1 Workonline AS37271 www.workonline.co.za Y -
JB1 XConnect AS11856 www.xconnect.net Y -
JB1 XDSL AS36916 www.xdsl.co.za Y -
Peering at NAPAfrica in Cape Town
CT1 Africa.INX AS37179 www.africainx.co.za Y Y
CT1 Amobia AS37266 www.amobia.com Y -
CT1 BCSNet AS22750 www.bcsgroup.co.za Y Y
CT1 BCX-CDS AS7020 www.bcxcds.com Y Y
CT1 Bitco AS37358 www.bitco.co.za Y -
CT1 CellC AS37168 www.cellc.co.za Y -
CT1 Cipherwave AS37315 www.cipherwave.co.za Y -
CT1 Clickatell AS37312 www.clickatell.com Y Y
CT1 Currant Technologies AS36898 www.currant.co.za Y -
CT1 Enhanced Internet AS37511 www.enhanced.co.za Y -
CT1 Faircom AS37363 www.faircom.co.za Y -
CT1 Frogfoot AS22355 www.frogfoot.com Y -
CT1 Hetzner AS37153 www.hetzner.co.za Y -
CT1 Hymax VoIP www.4dt.co.za Y Y
CT1 iBurst AS33762 www.iburstgroup.co.za Y Y
CT1 ImagineIPS AS37157 www.imagine.co.za Y -
CT1 Isoho.st AS37589 www.peer.co.za Y -
CT1 KAB AS37628 www.kabtech.co.za Y -
CT1 Kawuleza AS37259 www.kawuleza.com Y -
CT1 Level 3 AS3356 www.Level3.com Y Y
CT1 Macrolan AS37353 www.macrolan.com Y -
CT1 Mobile Teleco Ltd. (MTC Namibia) AS37009 www.mtc.com.na Y -
CT1 Neology AS37105 www.neology.co.za Y Y
CT1 NetWide AS37225 www.netwide.co.za Y -
CT1 NetworkPlatforms AS37497 www.networkplatforms.co.za Y -
CT1 MWEB AS10474 www.mweb.com Y Y
CT1 Paratus Telecom AS33763 www.internet.na Y -
CT1 PC Networks AS37652 www.pcnetworks.co.za Y -
CT1 PCCW AS3491 www.pccwglobal.com Y Y
CT1 PCH AS3856 & AS42 www.pch.net Y Y
CT1 RSAWEB AS37053 www.rsaweb.co.za Y -
CT1 SonicWireless AS37417 www.sonicwireless.co.za Y -
CT1 Teraco Data Environments AS37599 www.teraco.co.za Y -
CT1 VOXTelecom AS11845 www.voxtelecom.co.za Y Y
CT1 Wanatel AS37639 www.wanatel.net Y Y
CT1 WebAfrica AS36943 www.webafrica.com Y -
CT1 Workonline AS37271 www.workonline.co.za Y -
Peering at NAPAfrica in Durban
DB1 Africa.INX AS37179 www.africainx.co.za Y Y
DB1 Bitco AS37358 www.bitco.co.za Y -
DB1 Frogfoot AS22355 www.frogfoot.com Y -
DB1 Hymax VoIP www.4dt.co.za Y Y
DB1 iBurst AS33762 www.iburstgroup.co.za Y Y
DB1 ICTGlobe AS37239 www.ambronex.co.za Y -
DB1 MWEB AS10474 www.mweb.com Y Y
DB1 RSAWEB AS37053 www.rsaweb.co.za Y -
DB1 VOXTelecom AS11845 www.voxtelecom.co.za Y Y
DB1 Workonline AS37271 www.workonline.co.za Y -
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Features of NAPAfrica

  • Neutral, layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) point
  • IPv4 and IPv6 are available;
  • Flexible and scalable connectivity available from fast Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet;
  • Online peering and traffic management tools;
  • Available within every Teraco data centre facility

Benefits of NAPAfrica

  • 100% free peering: no membership or port fees;
  • Multi-lateral peering arrangements available;
  • Bi-lateral peering arrangements available;
  • The greatest carrier diversity in Africa;
  • The most content available in Africa;
  • The largest active peering community in Africa;
  • An open marketplace where all clients can do business with one another, without restriction;
  • Virtual network interconnections allow for rapid provisioning of one-to-one and one-to-many interconnects;
Without NAPAfrica
With NAPAfrica
Without NAPAfrica
With NAPAfrica
  • =  CDN
  • =  ASP
  • =  ISP
  • =  Enterprise

NAPAfrica Partners

Get to know our Partners. Click below to learn more...
  • AMS IX
  • ISOC
  • Juniper Networks
  • Kenya Internet Exchange
  • LINX
  • WAPA

NAPAfrica Traffic Graph

A graph of the traffic across the NAPAfrica switch fabric is available here.

Information on the consolidated traffic at NAPAfrica is publicly available, while detailed traffic graphs for each individual switch port will be available to NAPAfrica peers via Teraco's ClientZone web portal.

  • Currently viewing: Total Traffic across NAPAfrica

Live stats. Updated every 5 minutes.

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